As a full time experienced professional pet sitter and experienced veterinarian technician you will have the best educated, caring and trained pet care provider for your pet.

I started working for veterinarians in 1984 and I’m still doing it part time. I started pet sitting in 2003 and have brought a lot of knowledge and happiness to my clients and their pets.

I’m very observant to how they eat, swallow, potty, water intake, behavior, playtime. When I sit and pet them it not only feels good to them I’m checking for lumps, bumps, cuts, scabs, scratches, swelling. This is all very necessary for a pet sitter to be aware of since the family is away and I want to be sure their getting the attention and the care they want and deserve. I might notice something before you because you see the pet every day I do not.

My 30 years as a veterinarian technician, has trained me well in observing abnormalities in a pet’s behavior. Pet’s illness can quickly go from bad to worse if not recognized in its early stages. With today’s technology, these conditions, if any, can be shared with the family and the appropriate steps taken in a timely manner. This allows the family to enjoy their time away knowing their family member is being well cared.

In addition to that I have work with challenged students for a Life Skills course, I taught them how to help with the family pets; how to work in a pet store. I had set up my classroom so it would resemble a store or vet treatment area. They learned simple grooming, feeding, and keeping notes. The pets we had in my classroom were guinea pigs, rabbits, birds, hamsters, & gerbils.

When you call Sit 4 Pets I will be your pet sitter, I am a sole proprietor. This is nice since you know I will be the pet sitter all the time and can establish a bond with the pets.

I’m available 7 days a week, all holidays and once you’re an established client I don’t need anymore than a few days notice for small pets that you’ll need my services. I run a small personal, friendly company so I usually have openings. With dogs I need anywhere from 2-4 weeks notice at the moment. For holidays please give as much notice as possible.

I come highly recommended as you can see from my reviews and I also have several clients that are willing to speak to you via phone call if you would like. All this information is supplied at the meet and greet.