My Pets


Mew was bottled raised by a veterinarian technician. I adopted him in June 2001







Mugumba was found in a neighbors garage in 2003 with 3 kittens, she was estimated to be a little over a yr old. I took them all until 8 weeks and found homes for the babies.





Zamboni was found as a kitten after one of our afternoon thunderstorms in 2005.





Tyson was thought to be a stray so I started feeding him. It turned out a few weeks later he lived in the corner house. He would sleep in the garage during the day and my house at night. His owners said since he’s here all the time I might as well keep him and gave him to me. He has been with me since 2012.




Stormee was brought to me from a neighbor weighing 12 0z in 2013. I bottled raised her but since she was unadoptable due to attitude problems, I kept her. She does raise the roof with the others and sticks to me like velcro. She loves me and my husband but not anyone else.



1 mcgonacall

Purrfessor McGonagall was left at the front door in a box at the veterinarian I work for on 3/16/16, she weighed 5 oz. I bottled raised her too and was going to adopt her out but couldn’t.




CATS 009

Scotdia was purchased at a pet store and the owners were moving and planning to put her in the canal after having her for 10 yrs. My daughters teacher knew I loved animals so she contacted me. When I went to see Scotdia she was in a 10 gallon fish tank to small for her, she couldn’t even turn around and with iceberg lettuce. I took her 2004 and started out with her in a wading pool. As she grew we installed a 300 gallon in ground pond with filter, heater, alge light. When she started to lay eggs I took her to the vet. Since it got a little expensive with day visits at the vet, xrays and medication to help pass the impacted eggs, I had her spayed. Yes they spay turtles.