Claudia was my pet sitter for 11 years.  At the time I was traveling for work constantly and I had a kitty that required subQ fluids daily.  No matter where I was, I always knew my kids were in good hands and when Florida hurricanes approached, I knew my home was secure.  I recently relocated and am lucky to have close friends nearby who take care of my kids when I’m out of town, but if you’re lucky enough to have Claudia looking after your four-legged kids, it’ll be the best pet sitter you ever have.                                          Linda


Sit 4 Pets has been a lifesaver for our family. We vacation 3-4 times a year and we never have to worry about our cat, Kira. Claudia is very reliable and always leaves notes for us to read upon our return home. It is always nice to hear about how she behaved when we were gone-loving her treats, playing with her toys, etc. We trust Claudia completely in our home and with our cat. –The Stobinsky’s

5 stars for Claudia….Claudia has been caring for my multi cat household for over 8 years. She takes great care of my house and my cats. She is reliable, dependable, I trust her completely. I have a diabetic cat, a hyperthyroid cat and one with urinary issues, they all have special needs and she does a great job caring for them. I ask for daily updates, she keeps a log and sends me a text when all is done.                                                                                                    Thanks Claudia, your the best!


Claudia has been sitting for our cats since we moved to Florida in late 2011 and have her sit for us 6-8 times per year (for as little as 1.5 days or as many as 10 days).  We found her on Pet Sitters International, which was the method our previous cat sitter in California recommended for finding a reputable pet sitter in Florida.  Prior to sitting for you, Claudia will come to your home first to meet you and your pets.  She provides references from other pet owners, up-to-date insurance and bonding information, and she gets acquainted with you and your pets.                                                                                                                       We currently have two cats and we typically have Claudia visit them two times per day on the days we are away.  She has worked as a veterinary technician for some time and is knowledgeable about cats and observant of their behavior.  She will prepare a written log/notes about your pets while you are away and will note anything she thinks you should be aware of, and will call or text you if there are any immediate concerns.                                                                                                                               Our cats, Trixie and Grover are quite fond of Claudia and she has developed a bond with each of them.  Since we have been in Florida, we have lost a couple of cats and gotten some new ones and all have liked her.                                                                      Cats in particular, are better cared for in their home surroundings and Claudia ensures that they are properly fed, their litter is clean and that they have a little playtime and human companionship while their owners are away.                                                     We have always felt like she treats our cats as she does her own and is courteous and respectful of our home.  We recommend Claudia to anyone who is seeking a pet sitter to care for pets when they need to go out of town.                                                           Kelly and Matt


Claudia has been pet sitting for me for several years. I am passionate about my 4 parrots and my 24 year old cat and would not want anyone but Claudia in charge when we are away. She is meticulous about keeping their routine as consistent as when I am there. She is a treasure and relieves all the worry about being out of town.

A grateful “mommy”